Leeport Technology Ltd.

Leeport Technology Ltd.

Machine Tool Calibration

Windmill Hub Measurement

3D Printer
HP - Production Grade - 3D Printing Solution

3D Printer

Markforged - Industrial Grade - Metal 3D Printer
Markforged - Industrial Grade - Composite 3D Printer

3D Printer
SINTERIT - Desktop - Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printer

3D Printer

3D SYSTEMS - Prototyping - MultJet Printing 3D Printer
3D SYSTEMS - Prototyping - Color 3D Printer

Volumetric Error Compensation Technology (VEC)

Spindle Swivel Checker

Spindle Thermal Analyzer

Spindle Dynamic Analyzer

Ball Bar

XD Laser Interferometer

Smart Factory Inspection System (SFIS)

Articulate Arm

Rapid Scanning and Measuring System (RapidScan)

Robot Measurement and Calibration Software

AT Active Target

vProbe Wireless Hand-Held Measuring Probe

iScan Measuring Probe and Laser Scanning Head

STS 6D Sensor

Radian Laser Tracker

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Vision Measuring System

Contour Measuring Instrument

Roundness / Cylindricity Measuring System

Hardness Testing Machine

Height Gauge

Digimatic Measuring Unit

Surface Roughness Tester

Automated Optical & Video Measuring Microscope

Eyepiece-less Stereo Microscope

Full-HD Digital Microscope

Vision Measuring Machine